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Examination Requirements

Below is the minimum required training time for each rank based on consistant training twice weekly.


Rank Consecutive Training
8TH KYU (Yellow Belt) ~6 months
7TH KYU (Orange Belt) ~6 months
6TH KYU (Green Belt) ~6 months
5TH KYU (Purple Belt) ~9 months
4TH KYU (Purple Belt) ~9 months
3RD KYU (Brown Belt) ~9 months
2ND KYU (Brown Belt) ~9 months
1ST KYU (Brown Belt)  ~9 months
SHODAN (1st Degree Black Belt) ~9-12 months
NIDAN (2nd Degree Black Belt) ~2 years (after 1st Dan)
SANDAN (3rd Degree Black Belt)  ~3 years (after 2nd Dan)
YONDAN (4th Degree Black Belt) ~4 years (after 3rd Dan)


Examinations are designed to test student's skill levels. An exam will indiciate if students can apply what they've learned.

Those students who can fully demonstrate the requirements will be eligible to examine.

Regular attendance, technical skill, effort in class, positive attitude & spirit, and respect towards instructors and fellow students are also factors taken into consideration when deciding on eligiblity for exams.


Not all students are considered eligible to test after each session as the advancement process may take a different amount of time for each individual. As students advance to higher levels, the degree of physical and technical difficulty increases.  As a result more time is required between gradings.


Advancement Levels

Color Stripes
Acknowledgement of progress in karate training.
The color stripe system is in effect for children, white belt up to orange belt (8-12 yr olds).

*Exams held at the end of each session*

Color Belt
Meeting or exceeding the exceptions for a rank.

*Exams held twice yearly February and June*





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